Preservation of Religion

Over the last few decades, many Native Americans have given up on outside religions, and they have begun the process of reviving their original beliefs. For those who run afoul of the federal government, their beliefs must still be taken into account. The United States government has, for many years, provided incarcerated Native Americans with the opportunity to practice their own religions without interference, and Sweat Lodges have been built on the property of several federal prisons.

While there are some federal prisons that have Sweat Lodges on their property, any users must prove they are practitioners of Native American religious beliefs before they are granted access. These lodges are part of the government's program of religious freedom, and have been set up in accordance with the standards of various tribes. Each sweat lodge is a chance for those who are incarcerated to celebrate their beliefs within the confined environment of prison. This has been done in the hope it will help Native Americans to make positive changes to their lives and stay out of prison.