Sweat Lodges and Churches

Every Native American has the choice to live in mainstream communities, or they can choose to live on their tribe's reservation. Those who choose to stay on their tribe's land have a choice of religions, but they can worship at both if they want. Many original religions use the Sweat Lodge as a way to help people connect with the elements of their religious belief, and these buildings can now be found in many places other than reservations.

Religious beliefs vary with different tribes, but many contain the belief that each person has an animal guide to help them through the world. It takes concentration and meditation to find and recognize a guide, and many who seek their own use the sweat lodge. The heat of the lodge helps drive out distractions, and a religious leader will be available to help guide the congregant through the process.

Christianity is a religion well known for its belief that no other religion will bring a soul to heaven, but Native Americans see little conflict with their original beliefs. Many believe in both their naturalistic religion for the reason man was placed on Earth, and they also believe in the salvation of their soul through the sacrifices of Jesus Christ. This is one of the reasons many of them also attend church on a regular basis.

Reservations tend to have little money, and their religious buildings are small but well-built. Those that do not have many embellishments still have windows, and many choose the appearance of stained glass. Local tribes have found that modern methods such as glass transfers are a way to make their church beautiful on the inside while wasting little money on extras. These decals for glass have the same appearance as larger churches, but they are only a fraction of the cost.